Medical Transportation for Individuals

Can Help and Ease the Worries Related to Transportation Needs

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Unlike public transportation, taxis, and ground ambulance, Ride N Safe Medical Transport, LLC offers a cost-effective solution for patients needing reliable and timely transportation to and from a wide variety of healthcare settings.   

In fact, the very reason Ride N Safe was established in 2007 was the lack of transportation options within Hood County and "to & from" the Fort Worth Hospital District. Soon after, Ride N Safe rapidly expanded to other outlying counties to fill the transportation "gaps" in not just one Service Area but three - Fort Worth (eight counties), then Waco (eight counties), and now Denton (three counties).  

For travel outside these three Service Areas, with prior notice, Ride N Safe is glad to provide regional and even out-of-state transports.

Transition "To & From" All Levels of Care

Ride N Safe serves hospitals, long-term acute care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing centers, dialysis and wound care facilities, out-patient imaging, physicians' offices (primary care & specialists), physical therapy, and hospice.

  • From home to all types of medical facilities
  • To and from hospitals to all levels of care and/or living arrangements
  • From far away to a care facility closer to loved ones and caregivers
  • From rehabilitation to home

Why Choose Ride N Safe Medical Transport?

Freedom to Stay at Home
With Ride N Safe, patients recovering in the comfort of their own homes can easily make critical follow-up appointments even though they may not be able to drive yet. If a wheelchair and/or decreased stability prevents a family member or friend from providing transportation, a call to Ride N Safe can easily overcome those challenges.  

Ability to "Age in Place"
If you, or a loved one, chooses to remain at home during ongoing treatments or recovery, Ride N Safe offers a reliable alternative that makes aging in place possible. 

Sense of Security
Passengers, and their loved ones, can rest assured that Ride N Safe provides reliable, timely, and courteous transportation. With just a phone call, scheduling transports for physician appointments, dialysis, and other outpatient services is easy.  

Improved Quality of Life
When possible, Ride N Safe can help make arrangements for passengers to attend special events - funerals, graduations, family gatherings, and other non-medical appointments close to home or some distance away. Being wheelchair-bound should not restrict someone's ability to experience special occasions. In fact, these outings may enhance one's ability to thrive during recovery.

Provide Additional Support
Ride N Safe provides non-emergency medical transportation all year long, including holidays. This is especially comforting for spouses, caregivers, and adult children who may be primary caregivers or assisting with a patient's care while working full-time or living far away.

Peace of Mind
Being certain that a patient makes all follow-up appointments and treatments (therapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, wound care, rehab, etc...) on a regular basis is critical for a quicker and more complete recovery. Making it to all medical appointments is key to proper healing. Seeing a healthcare professional on a scheduled basis allows for close monitoring of a loved one's well being which is very helpful for those who live alone.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The best healthcare services in the world can’t help you if you have no way to get there

Ride N Safe Medical Transport, LLC provides safe, reliable, and courteous non-emergency medical transportation between all types of healthcare settings.  Ride N Safe Medical Transport provides transport to urgent care, from the hospital at discharge, to long-term acute care or rehabilitation center for extended recovery, to skilled nursing facilities, for ongoing dialysis or wound care appointments, back home, to follow-up appointments at the doctor's office, and even hospice.  

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) exists to ensure that everyone facing transportation challenges can still access preventative and specialty medical care.  As a result, engaging Ride N Safe may improve overall health outcomes, avoid costly ambulance bills, and decrease emergency room visits. The benefits of NEMT services are especially significant for those struggling who are confined to a wheelchair, who have chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD) and for those recovering from injuries or a major health crisis (car accidents, stroke, amputation, joint replacement surgery).  

Medical Transportation for Individuals

Unlike public transportation, taxis, and ground ambulance, Ride N Safe Medical Transport, LLC offers a cost-effective...

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