The Holiday Season is Approaching. Make Your Plans Soon.

During the holidays, RNS can provide trips to church, community event, family members’ homes, etc.. so that everyone can celebrate the holidays together.

Transportation is provided on all holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Please make requests as early as possible so that staffing can be scheduled accordingly.

Our Pricing

Per Ride N Safe’s insurance requirements, “walk-on” patients are not allowed from the Emergency Room. All Emergency Room discharges, must be transported via wheelchair or reclining stretcher-chair.

  • Individuals can request quotes.  Payment can be made with cash, by check, and/or by credit card.
  • Corporate contracts reflect various levels of volume discounting.
  • Long-distance trips for individuals and for corporate clients (one-way or round-trip) are quoted separately.

To request a quote, you may call (844)573-9346 or CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE

Unlike air and ground ambulance service, non-emergency medical transportation for individuals, and for some facility residents, is not covered by private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. However, some corporate customers do cover the cost of non-emergency medical transportation as a part of the care provided. If you are unsure, please ask a representative from the facility or feel free to ask us.

Payment must be handled in a prompt manner – at time of service or upon receipt of invoice. Without the extra overhead of an insurance/billing department, Ride N Safe (RNS) can keep pricing more affordable for insured (private & government), self-pay, and the under-insured

For your convenience, Cash, Checks, VISA, Master Card, and DISCOVER are accepted.

Ride N Safe is available safe ready whenever you need us...

Thousands of patients have trusted Ride N Safe for their non-emergency medical transport needs